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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

With the implementation of Common Core State Standards, collection development will gear more towards informational text or non-fiction materials within defined Lexile bands. During the last CDE Recommended Literature committee meetings, we updated the K-12 Social Studies and Science lists to reflect the new Anchor Standards.  We will use these lists as the basis for next year's collection development along with newer titles and, of course, suggestions from sites, faculty and parents.
Currently we are forming a committee with representatives from all current consortium members to work on appropriate lists that will correlate to the Anchor Standards. If you are interested in attending or participating, please contact me!

One of the more interesting aspects of Common Core is the pairing of books to give the student an opportunity to compare non-fiction with fiction.  The Napa County Public Library and the NCOE Curriculum library both have Scholastic online programs (BookFlix and TrueFlix) that fit perfectly into this.  For the primary of ELL students TumbleBooks now offer a large selection of non-fiction titles.  Take a look at these free resources!

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