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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Next month the NVSLC will begin a new venture!  Follett has asked if we would consider blogging for the new Follett Community for the school year.  The blog will be called "A Year in the Life..." and will have posts representing all consortium members !  So far the bloggers who have agreed to this are:
Sandy Biale (NVUSD high schools); Breanna Haywood, (NVUSD middle schools), Susan Swan (SHUSD high school),  Michelle Holguin (SHUSD middle school),  Cathy Willis (NVUSD middle school), Lorrie Moore (NVUSD elementary), Shawna Faulk (NVUSD elementary), Mary Polk (Blue Oak School), Matilda Woolworth (NCOE curriculum library).
 As soon as the first post goes live, we will link it to our own Library blog!

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