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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Follet Shelf Has Arrived

The Follett Shelf is now accessible through the high school Destiny Library Web pages and the NVUSD District Library page! To download or read a book online the username is student and the password is student.
The NVUSD Shelf now supports: iPhones, iPads, androids, Nooks, smartphones, PC/MAC net/notebooks. it does not support Kindles.
Take a tour of Buffy Hamilton's Unquiet Library's Kindle Adventure and Make Your Mother Proud!

So what eReaders will you use? Kindle is designed for Amazon eBooks.... or a free eBook in PDF or EPub format that has been downloaded to Calibre and converted to MOBI (AZW) format By the end of this year, Kindles users will be able to check out a public library book through Overdrive

Kindle apps will allow you to download an Amazon eBook into Kindle apps to download onto a PC/MAC computer or notebook; an IPAD, IPhone, Android Tablet (Dell Streak) or a smart phone

For education: Amazon will allow one book to be loaded on 6 Kindles
Shelf books are loaned like library books.. they have a DRM (Digital Rights Management) and will "self-return" at the end of the loan period
Circulating a Shelf Book..... one book to one person for the loan period

Nooks, Kindles, Notebooks, Tablets, iPads, Smart Phones are all part of the eBook experience! Check the Library Blah-Blah-Blah Blog regularly and stay eBook informed!

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